Guanaguato Mexico Sunrise

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“Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.” Anonymous quote

This image was taken in Guanajuato Mexcio. I was only there for a short time and was determined to capture the surreal nature of this cityscape. Guanajuato is a vertical city, with many of the street names on the map turning out to be staircases to the higher vantage  points. I walked to this vantage point each morning over a 5 day period as the sun was rising.  On the last day the view was clear and haze free, resulting in this image.  This city is arguably among the most colorful in the world and this image, when presented to clients, elicits the question “Is it really that colorful? I answer a resounding yes! However there is a caveat. If I didn’t take the time to trek to this spot repeatedly during my stay in this wonderful city, I wouldn’t have seen this reality. All the other days the view was dulled by weather/haze and the resulting image taken on the unclear days didn’t compare to this image. My tenacity paid off and I was able to freeze the moment of the colorful richness of this place. This image is available at in sizes up to 40×60. We can also print your images or original artwork  at

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