Pat Moore Photographer Bio

Pat Moore photographer bio imageI’ve been an avid photographer for 35 years. My photographic style is fueled by my overwhelming curiosity about how people live and the natural world that surrounds them.

My approach reflects two essential aspects of my personal history: As an organic farmer for 20-plus years, I had the privilege of experiencing the processes of nature, both as an observer and participant. This appreciation inevitably led me to wilderness areas, at home and abroad. My early years in New Jersey exposed me to urban culture and architecture. My varied portfolio reflects my continuing interest in nature, travel and the interaction between people and their environment.

Over the years I’ve experimented with many types of cameras and printing processes. I’ve kept abreast of technical trends in photography and have landed fully in the digital camp. My image production is limited to traditional darkroom methods using minimal contrast and color balance adjustments. There is never any digital manipulation that adds or takes away original elements of the photograph. My aim is to capture exceptional images and produce them as high resolution, archival prints. Wilhelm Research, an independent lab, has rated the ink and media combinations of my prints at 90-150 years fade resistant. I do all of the mounting and framing using archival materials to further insure print longevity.

Ultimately, my photographs are created for your enjoyment. Whether it is photographing a tea vendor in Marrakech or the magnificent Smith River in Northern California, I am inspired to convey the emotion and feel of what is experienced when the shutter is released. My hope is that these images will impart the full sense of the moment and the spirit of the place. My photographic work is the result of a blessed life as a farmer, teacher and traveler, and I am further blessed that I can share my journey with you.